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CETIC is the Belgian applied research centre focused on Information and Communication Technologies. Its main mission is to act as the interface between Academic and Industry to quicken research and innovation in the Walloon region and beyond. Founded in 2001 by three key Belgian universities (UCL, FUNDP and UMONS), it has now grown into an independent research institution that has partnered with many research organizations through the world as well as relationships with European R&D organizations (e.g. CRPHT or INRIA) developed thanks to very intensive collaborations in more than 20 European research projects (IP, NOE, STReP, ERAnet, and InterReg). The three research departments at CETIC have developed an expertise in:

● Software and System Engineering with a focus on software processes and products quality, requirements engineering, formal methods, and IT systems reverse engineering.

● Embedded and Communication Systems notably in hardwaresoftware codesign, and methodologies related to programming electronic cards (FPGA).

● Software and Services Technologies, targeting high availability, mobility, semantic, security, privacy and trustworthy computing in cloud environments.

Furthermore, CETIC actively disseminates its knowledge at international conferences and to standardization bodies most importantly thanks to its involvement as an ISO Belgian representative in various committees on topics in Software and System Engineering (SC7), Security (SC27), Distributed Computing (SC38) and Health Informatics (TC215).