Deployment Time Multi-Cloud Application Security
flexiOPS:  Andrew Phee,,

Beacon Broker
University of Messina:  Giuseppe Tricomi,

Scanner Activator
University of Messina: Giuseppe Tricomi,

Beacon Broker Network Manager Driver
University of Messina:  GiuseppeTricomi,

BEACON Network Agent
IBM:  Anna Levin,

CETIC:  Sebastien Dupont, Arnaud Michot,

os2os dashboard
CETIC, University of Messina:  Sébastien Dupont,

Beacon Network Manager
ONS:  Tino Vazquez,

IBM:  Dean Lorenz,

OVN Control Evaluation
IBM:  Anna Levin,

Service Injection
IBM:  Liran Schour,

OpenNebula OneFlow Enhancements
ONS/UCM:  Rubén S. Montero,

OpenNebula Hybrid Drivers
ONS/UCM:  Tino Vazquez,

OpenNebula Virtual Router
ONS/UCM:  Rubén S. Montero,