BEACON not only utilised various open source technologies during the lifecycle of the project but also released a significant number of tools to the open source community. BEACON have invested significant effort in developing, testing and releasing the following open source tools.


Deployment Time Multi-Cloud Application Security
flexiOPS:  Grant Olsson,,

The BEACON Scanner/Firewall suite is a series of Java based executables which interface with the Openvas security scanner. The main features of this toolset is to automatically perform a security scan on newly created Virtual Machines (VMs), apply firewalls to these VMs and deploy Chef to the VMs.  Full details along with installation instructions can be found on the following GitHub links.  


Beacon Broker
University of Messina:  Giuseppe Tricomi,, Giovanni Merlino,

The Beacon Broker [BB] is an orchestrator useful for the deployment of the virtual resources in the federation. The borrower, the tenant representation at federation level, has agreement with several cloud involved in the federation. The BB interacts with their users with a series of REST API. The user of the BB can provide manifest to the BB in order to store/update/modified his deployment template that could be used to start the deployment action required; to do this, the BB interact with HEAT on OpenStack and OneFlow on OpenNebula. The deployment of the resources may be enhanced by elasticity policy properties or by providing sfc/nfv functionality directly by introducing description inside the BEACON SERVICE MANIFEST provided via REST API.


OpenStack Scanner Activator
University of Messina: Giuseppe Tricomi,, Giovanni Merlino,

This simple routine is used to identify when a new VM is instantiated on a cloud.  This is made comparing VMs uuid list returned by the Openstack agent with a list of VMs scanned stored inside an inner repository. If a new VM is recognized the system retrieve the information of that VM and launch an isntance of the JAVA activation script with the parameters required for that VM.  The scripts are lauched each 3 minutes by a cron job.


Beacon Broker Network Manager Driver
University of Messina:  GiuseppeTricomi,, Giovanni Merlino,

The BEACON-Network-Manager-Driver [BNMD], is a component designed to provide functionality to BNM as interface versus Openstack cloud, via JCLOUDS Adapter, and for the reconstruction of the Network tables that will be sent to target BNA. All the interaction between BNMD and BNM, and between BNMD and BNAs are driven via http modeled as REST WS or REST WS invocation. At the same time the BNMD have to be connected to the same MongoDB database used by BB.


BEACON Network Agent
IBM:  Anna Levin,

BEACON Network Agent realization is a Ryu-based application. Ryu is an open source component-based software defined networking framework that provides software components with well-defined API that allows to create new network management and control applications. BEACON Network Agent exposes REST API to manage the BEACON Datapath. It allows the caller to define clouds and networks to be shared by the BEACON Datapath. BEACON Network Agent also exposes REST API to communicate with its peer BEACON Network Agents. In addition, BEACON Network Agent manages BEACON Datapath with OpenFlow protocol. To this end, BEACON Network Agent exploits Ryu’s support of OpenFlow for managing network devices.


CETIC:  Sebastien Dupont, Arnaud Michot,

RBAC-Man provides an implementation of the PEP/PDP/PIP/PAP access control pattern. The implementation is in Java. For the moment it implements an XACML PDP. It provides a web based user interface to manage users, roles, actions, assign actions to roles, and assign users to roles. Full details along with installation instructions can be found on the following GitHub links.


os2os dashboard
CETIC:  Sébastien Dupont,

The OS2OSDashboard (OpenStack to OpenStack dashboard) provides a web dashboard for OpenStack federations done in the BEACON framework. The dashboard enables users to provide a federation manifest to setup a federation, and view in real time the federation on an interactive map. Full details along with installation instructions can be found on the following GitHub links.


Security Agent
CETIC:  Sébastien Dupont,

The BEACON Security agent enables security policies implementation on a federation using Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Service Function Chaining (SFC). The security policies handled by the BSA are described using TOSCA templates that are converted to networking-sfc and OpenStack Heat calls.


Beacon Network Manager
ONS:  Tino Vazquez,

This component is a key piece of the BEACON software stack, providing federation network capabilities. It features pools for tenants, networks segments, sites and federation networks, and a REST interface that exposes the needed functionality to join the different network segments in different sites into an L2 or L3 federated network, enabling multi-cloud applications and many different use cases.


IBM:  Dean Lorenz,

LB Distributor implements a distributor layer responsible for receiving the client traffic and spreading it evenly and consistently over an elastically growing set of  load balancing nodes. The Distributor performs initial traffic steering between a set of load balancing nodes that perform advanced LB VNF functions, such as application-layer traffic steering and SSL termination.


OVN Control Evaluation
IBM:  Anna Levin,

This package includes scripts to evaluate the scalability of OVN control plane using ovs-sim utility. The scripts allow to setup virtual environment with specific configurable number of hosts, ports, cores and network load and run test for OVN control plane performance measurement.


Service Injection
IBM:  Liran Schour,

This package includes modifications to OVN controller that enable implementation of Service Chaining in an SDN environment. The implemented Service Injection mechanisms enable flexible construction of the processing pipeline in BEACON OpenStack-based realization. In addition, this package includes tests for verifying Service Injection.


OpenNebula OneFlow Enhancements
UCM:  Rubén S. Montero,

The OpenNebula Cloud Management Platform has been improved in several ways, and all these enhancements have been contributed to the OpenNebula distribution. OneFlow has been enhanced with location-based placement and elasticity policies. The vRouter abstraction has been used to offer the BEACON Network Agent functionality, and a generic mechanism to manage VNFs has been added. VM Groups have been introduced, with placement rules that may include location, VM and role constraints. These rules are used by the scheduler of each cloud to select the hypervisor to create the VM.


OpenNebula Hybrid Drivers
ONS:  Tino Vazquez,

This set of drivers for the OpenNebula Cloud Management Platform enables cloud federation scenarios in which OpenNebula instances are able to offload VMs to remote cloud infrastructures, provided the remote infrastructure is managed by OpenNebula. The hybrid drivers implements both a Virtualization Manager drivers to manage the lifecycle of VMs, and the Information Manager drivers to monitor the remote infrastructure state.


OpenNebula Virtual Router
UCM:  Rubén S. Montero,

Virtual Routers provide routing across Virtual Networks. The administrators can easily connect Virtual Networks from Sunstone and the CLI. The routing itself is implemented with a Virtual Machine appliance available though the market place. This Virtual Machine can be seamlessly deployed in high availability mode.