1st IEEE International Workshop on Federated Networking, Clouds and IoT

Several BEACON partners presented papers at the FENCI 2017 (IEEE International Workshop on Federated Networking, Clouds and IoT) workshop co-located with the SmartComp 2017 conference in Hong Kong.

Dario Bruneo from the University of Messina presented the paper Orchestrated multi-cloud application deployment in OpenStack with TOSCA. The paper explored using a standard for “Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications” in order to deploy applications and virtual network functions in an OpenStack based Federated cloud.

Anna Levin presented the paper “Network Monitoring in Federated Cloud Environment”. The paper explores using the open source real-time network topology and protocols analyzer Skydive for monitoring federated cloud networks.

Philippe Massonet presented the article "End-to-end Security Architecture for Federated Cloud and IoT Networks" at the FENCI 2017 workshop. The paper is a collaboration between CETIC, the University of Messina and IBM research in Israel. The paper proposes to connect IoT devices and cloud services using a federated cloud network. The paper then proposes a security architecture to protect the federated cloud network using network function virtualisation (NFV) and service function chaining.

Philippe Massonet also presented the paper “Deployment-time multi-cloud application security” at the at the FENCI 2017 workshop. The paper explores protecting applications that are deployed in a federated cloud network by performing vulnerability analysis upon deployment of virtual machines and deploying application level firewalls.

This work has been supported by the BEACON project, grant agreement number 644048, funded by the European Unions Horizon 2020 Programme under topic ICT-07-2014