BEACON is taking part in the Net Futures conference, which covers research areas including IoT, open source, cloud, smart cities, and tech start-ups.

Held in Brussels, 25th – 26th March 2015, the event is organised and supported by the European Commission and will replace the former annual Future Internet Assembly after 11 successful years. The event aims to facilitate the discovery of the future of technological research and innovation, and explore new business opportunities.

The event will be structured around three pillars that represent stages in the life cycle of an idea. BEACON will be involved in the research and innovation pillar, technological validation, and final delivery to market.

BEACON will be exhibiting at Net Futures, which will provide a fantastic opportunity to meet BEACON project partners in person, and gain a face-to-face insight on the projects goals and work.

Aside from BEACON’s involvement, the conference will feature talks from some of the most influential minds in research and innovation. There will be crosscutting sessions, unconference and FIWARE hackathon. There will also be a showcase of successful projects that became reality through funding by European Commission.

For more information visit the Net Futures website.