Partner Profile: University of Messina

The University of Messina was founded in 1548 and currently has about 40,000 students and 1,600 teachers. It runs one of the major grid computing nodes in the south of Italy. In addition, it established two research labs: RFIDLab, jointly with ORACLE and INTEL on the study and application of of Internet of Things (IoT) technologyĶ¾ and the MobiLab, jointly with HP, on mobility and opensource in which the Mobile Distributed Systems Laboratory (MDSLab) research group conducts advanced ICT research focusing on distributed and parallel systems, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT).

The University of Messina has participated in several European and National projects focusing on cloud computing. In 2007, the Institution joined the RESERVOIR FP7 project and took the role of the experimentation and validation leader. In this context, it also coordinated the integration of all software contributions and participated in research related to cloud computing security. The University of Messina also took part in the FP7 VISION Cloud project, contributing to software integration and test-bed management and it is currently involved in the FP7 CloudWave project in which it leads the software integration and test-bed but also work on Cloud infrastructure and application monitoring and coordinated adaptation. The institution has also been coordinating the Italian national project Cloud@Home, which studied the integration of cloud and volunteer computing.

Currently, the University of Messina participates in the Italian national project SIMONE, where cloud computing and sensors are combined in order to monitor and optimize energy production from non-conventional sources (solar and wind), and is also part of the SIGMA project where sensors and Cloud are combined to manage environmental disaster situations.

The University of Messina is also part of the FP7 frontierCities project, one of the 16 FIWARE accelerators promoting the adoption of the FIWARE technology to Small Medium Enterprices (SMEs) in the field of smart mobility. In this context, the MDSLab research group manages the Grid computing node of Consorzio COMETA, and a FI-WARE-enabled (XI-FI) node federated with FI-Lab.

The Institution is also leading the #SmartME crowdfunding initiative, whose aim is to deploy an IoT infrastructure, made up of hundreds of sensing and actuation devices, in the city of Messina, with the corresponding resources to be made accessible for citizens and researchers, also as a testing ground for our research platform, Stack4Things, an OpenStack-based Sensing and Actuation as a Service middleware that allows the management of smart object-based Clouds. The project was recently successfully financed and will be put in place in the following 18 months.

Currently, the University of Messina is also working in the H2020 BEACON project coordinating the software integration and developing the testbed for validating, assessing, and testing the BEACON functionalities and use cases.